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We believe every business has a story to tell. We help our clients deliver the right story to their customers at the right time, whether it’s a TV show, webmerical or a promotional video. Veil22 Designs offers professional video service, creating a unique look for your brand.


If you have the next great idea for a TV show or Internet show, we would love to hear about it.

Our Latest Series

“The Syrup Whisper and The Jug Heads”, is an up and coming TV episode full of  humor and education on maple tree tapping. Be sure to check out the first rough pilot episode.

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A Webmercial is simply a promotional video that you put on your website or social media. It can vary in length anywhere from 30-seconds up to 2 minutes. A Webmercial can show your product in action, take a tour of your facility, introduce the owner or educate the consumer as to why they need your product or service. Each Webmercial package is customized to meet your needs and your budget!.

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Promotional videos tend to run longer than a Webmercial and provide a complete overview of a company, person, product or service. Promotional Videos are typically 5-15 minutes in length and can include: facility tour, product demonstration, interviews, client testimonials, product or service in action. Typically a promotional video is accompanied by a complete script and professional voice-over. A promotional video can be used online for marketing, at a trade show, or an in-house system. Each promotional video package is customized to meet the needs and budget of the client.

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